Computer Labs

The significance of information technology in this era is above board. We have fully IT-equipped Labs for our students.
Computer Labs enriched with latest version systems connected with internet facility and multimedia, address the need of the hour.

Biology Lab

Bio lab supports biological research on
small plants, micro-organisms, animal’s
cells, and tissue cultures.
Medical Students
enjoy all the lab facilities in their experimental work.

Chemistry Lab

Under the supervision of chemistry teacher and professional lab staff the students conduct tests, interprets, and
Analyse data, compile results, prepare reports and present their conclusions.

Physics Lab

Physics lab is equipped with all latest instruments
where students can perform
practical activities, conduct test, improve, and analyse data, compile results, and present their conclusions.

Kinesiology Lab

The Kinesiology laboratory has been designed for teaching, service and research needs of the relative degree programs.
The laboratory is equipped to conduct a variety of human physiologic testing. The primary emphasis of the laboratory is the professional preparation of undergraduate students.

Physiology Lab

The Physiology lab is well equipped with all required monitoring systems like blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory.
The broad objectives of the undergraduate program of physiology are to instil in its graduates a solid foundation of physiological principles of various systems of human body in relevance to the clinical signs and symptoms of disease and to develop intellectual skills essential for success in their careers.

Anatomy Lab

It is well equipped with models of Gross Anatomy, Embryology, History and Neuroana tomy . Arti cul a t ed and disarticulated skeletons with a bone bank are also available.
The main objective is to offer educational opportunities and convey emerging scientific knowledge to the students that contribute to improve personal development and professional fulfilments and to maintain the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.