from Prof. Irfan Ahmad
Chairman Dar-e-Arqam Group of Institutes


Our beloved country Pakistan is the name of a geographical territory
based on the ideology of Islam. It is heartening to note that our enemy
is bent upon damaging our ideology as well as our ideological
heritage. To cope with this situation we need a lot of educational and
ethical power besides all kinds of material sources. It is a matter of
historical truth that the nations equipped with high moral values are
undefeatable. Dar-e-Arqam is a name of total commitment and strong
dedication, to achieve the sublime quality of moral excellence through
the education of body and soul.


Message  from Mian Izhar-ul-Haq Chief Executive

Here in Dar-e-Arqam Sargodha focus of our administration and staff is not only on contemporary education but in complete development of student’s character. Following the mission of ‘Excellence In this world and hereafter’ We aim to provide modern education along with Islamic values. Alhamdullilah so far thousands of Alumni of Dar-e-Arqam Sargodha has been serving this country. This only is the principal motivating factor and source of satisfaction for us. InshAllah with the will of God, we will continue to serve our beloved country through educating youth with our utmost commitment as they are the future of this nation and Muslim Ummah.


from Dr. Shabbir Ahmad Gondal
Director General

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome the new entrants to our new session. I guarantee you that your admission in this prestigious institution will open new horizon of professional success in your discipline. We have been striving for excellence with highly profiled and experienced teaching faculty. We enjoy 31 years of glorious legacy of experience. We impart modern education under Islamic paradigm because we believe in success not only this world but also in Hereafter. We not only deliver knowledge but also inculcate our social and religious values which make our alumni skillful professional, responsible citizens, and above all, true Muslims. Each and every student of all classes/ disciplines (from Intermediate to Doctor of Physical Therapy) is very important for us. Our students are fully equipped with advanced knowledge, critical thinking and professional skills suitable for highly competitive market. We inspire minds by unleashing talents through curricular and co-curricular activities. Our institution remains abuzz with scholarly events and cocurricular activities to flourish a productive environment.

Once again, all the best wishes and sincere prayers for newcomers who are going to
be the part of the rich heritage of Dar-e-Arqam group of institutes.

Shazia Iram Principal.

It is a prestigious occasion to welcome you in Dar-e-Arqam Girls College Sargodha. This unique institution pursues excellence in quality education of contemporary sciences within the constraints of over-whelming teachings of Islam. We not only impart the latest trends of education in the best possible way, but we also focus on character building and inner development. We believe that an educated woman is imperative for an educated nation. We focus on balancing the academic, social, and emotional needs of our students. We provide maximum opportunities of extracurricular activities like recreational trips, funfair, sports gala, speech/debate competitions etc, to widen and update the exposure of our students. Dar-e-Arqam is rightly proud of having brilliant traditions. Fifteen Centuries ago, the people getting education from “Dar-eArqam” were declared the “Founders of Modern Civilization” and “Benefactors of Mankind”. Even today we feel delighted and honoured to carry out those glorious traditions. I congratulate you on choosing Dar-e-Arqam Girls College. I assure you, besides getting quality education here, you will also get an opportunity to meld yourself into good and ideal Muslim daughters. Once again, I welcome you to our institution and pray for your